Carve Earthworks Policies


Carve Earthworks & Construction Pty Ltd is striving for a sustainable future and as such, the organisation is committed to minimising the impact on the environment from its business operations.

Carve Earthworks and Construction Pty Ltd recognises that environmental conservation is one of the critical issues for our community. We recognise the importance of maintaining a high standard of environmental care in conducting our activities from design and supply, installation, construction, commissioning and maintenance.

Carve Earthworks and Construction Pty Ltd seeks the combined efforts of all employees and sub-contractors to ensure the effectiveness and success of our approach to environmental sustainability. In order to achieve our objective of a healthy and sustainable environment our management team will put in place systems and programs to minimise the environmental impact of our work, for our business and project site activities.

To support this objective, we will:

  • Comply with ISO 14001:2015 and applicable local, state, and federal environmental regulations
  • Continually seek to improve the environmental performance of our business
  • Engage employees, clients and suppliers in reducing the organisations carbon footprint
  • Train appropriate employees in sustainability management
  • Maintain and support a C1
  • Lead by example and aim to become advocates for sustainability in our sector
  • Encourage the development of innovative sustainable products and services
  • Adopt sustainable procurement practices
  • Actively encourage and support our suppliers to adopt sustainable practices
  • Measure and periodically report on our progress towards our sustainability goals
  • Use finite resources, including paper, energy, fuel and water as efficiently as possible
  • Monitor and review environmental documentation, processes and performance to address non-conformances and facilitate continual improvement
  • Manage our diverse activities to prevent or minimise pollution and impacts on visual amenity, air, water, land, flora, fauna and cultural and heritage values

In particular we will:


  • Calculate the carbon footprint of our business operations
  • Minimise our carbon footprint through reduction strategies
  • Promote energy efficiency to our employees, customers and suppliers
  • Consider purchasing carbon offsets where appropriate
  • Waste

  • Minimise waste by evaluating procedures to ensure they are as efficient as possible
  • Actively promote recycling of paper, cardboard and other materials
  • Water

  • Actively promote water conservation across the organisation
  • This policy is explained and discussed at the general induction training given to all new employees and has been communicated to all current employees. All employees are expected to know what the environmental policy means to them and how it affects their job or position within the organisation.
  • Employee Responsibility

  • Adhere to Carve Earthworks and Construction Pty Ltd environmental and safety policies
  • Take personal responsibility to protect and care for the environment
  • Immediately report to the site supervisor anything at work that does or may harm or has the potential to harm the environment
  • Act only in a manner that benefits the environment
  • Inform the relevant superiors wherever an employee sees an opportunity for improvement
  • ISO Certificates

    Carve Earthworks & Construction’s ISO 1400:2015 certification means we have independently audited processes in place for ensuring we act in environmentally responsible manner in accordance with ecologically sustainable principles.


    Carve Earthworks ideology is that all works should be carried out with the highest quality standards. We pride in delivering quality services, ensuring the satisfaction of our Clients. The quality of our Company’s work is the concern of every person in the organization, not just the sole responsibility of the person nominated as Quality Manager.

    Carve Earthworks & Construction has experience and expertise in civil works, pipe bursting works, pipeline construction, open trench work, general civil duties, construction and asbestos removal. It is our policy to ensure that any work carried out within the scope of the business complies with the Quality Management System and applicable regulatory requirements. The policy sets a framework for continual improvement and achieving the company’s quality objectives.

    Virginia Stenning has been appointed as the Management Representative for the purposes of the Quality Management System. The Management Representative has the full support of Carve Earthworks & Construction to establish, implement and maintain the Quality Management System in accordance with this manual, ISO 9001:2016 and other applicable regulations, standards and guidance.

    ISO Certificates

    Carve Earthworks & Construction is Quality Assured to ISO 9001:2016 and has held certification since 2011. We hold regular third-party audits and have received nil (0) major non-conformances to date.

    Our commitment to quality will ensure the continued success of Carve Earthworks & Construction and the satisfaction of clients, regulators and staff.


    Carve Earthworks and Construction is a civil construction company. Our activities include civil construction, excavation, pipeline construction & rehabilitation, and building construction works. We are committed to the health and safety of everyone involved in or affected by Carve Earthworks & Construction activities.

    This policy supports the implementation of a safety management system which provides:

    • (a) a safe and healthy work environment;
    • (b) safe systems of work;
    • (c) appropriate information, training, instruction, supervision;
    • (d) arrangements for meaningful consultation on health and safety matters at work; and
    • (e) a positive safety culture.

    Carve Earthworks & Construction management is committed to establishing, implementing & maintaining our Environmental policy, and striving for continual improvement through our operations by:

    • Actively demonstrating our quality values
    • Leading asset renewal by introducing innovative products
    • Ensuring we maintain and continually improve our Integrated Business Management System
    • Anticipating and considering the needs of clients and the communities at all times
    • Anticipating client needs and providing cost effective solutions that demonstrate technical excellence, without compromising the community’s needs
    • Continually improving the business, the quality of service and the value to clients
    • Ensuring that business planning includes setting objectives, targets and regularly reviewing our performance consistent with client, company and statutory requirements and allow for the identification of opportunities for improvement
    • Assessing and maintaining compliance with applicable legal and other requirements of the jurisdictions within which we work
    • Engaging with our workers, customers, suppliers and providers to meet the requirements of this policy
    • Outlining the policy during inductions
    • Reviewing this policy annually

    Carve Earthworks & Construction management is committed to establishing, implementing & maintaining our WHS policy. Our Quality Management System and WHS performance is reviewed and monitored regularly at management meetings as part of our commitment to continuous improvement. Our commitment & objective is to provide safe and healthy working conditions, aiming to prevent work related injuries and poor health. We are committed to developing WHS Management processes in accordance with the appropriate legal requirements set out in the Work Health & Safety Regulation 2011 and ISO 45001:2018.

    This policy applies to all Carve Earthworks & Construction employees, contractors and visitors, for all activities conducted by Carve Earthworks & Construction.


    Our aim is to make WHS management as simple and practical as possible, with positive results.

    LEADERSHIP – Active & visible safety leadership, promoting a positive safety culture.

    PLANNING – Ensuring WHS principles are considered, identified and controlled at planning stage, involving workers in this process. Comply with WHS legislation and relevant requirements.

    EDUCATION–Training and consultation with workers to understand their WHS responsibilities and accountabilities. Policy made available to workers and interested parties. Policy outlined during induction.

    COMMUNICATION – Open and regular communication between workers and management.

    IMPLEMENTATION– Identify and control potential hazards using the hierarchy of control.

    MONITORING – Measure, evaluate and corrective action.

    REVIEW – Management review.

    INCIDENTS – Investigate incidents and seek ways to improve and eliminate unsafe practices.

    REHABILITATION – Effective injury management and rehabilitation.


    Carve Earthworks & Construction is Safety Assured to ASNZ 4801:2001 and has held certification since 2011. We hold regular third-party audits and have received nil (0) major non-conformances to date.

    With these principles in place we are committed to building a safer and healthier environment.



    This membership provides support, advice and insurance for:

    • Workplace Relations
    • WHS