About Carve Earthworks


Todd Stenning has been the director of Carve Earthworks and Construction Pty Ltd since January 2008.

Todd has a long history in the civil industry. This includes building construction, civil works, and pipeline construction & rehabilitation.

He originally completed his carpentry apprenticeship after his schooling and worked in the building industry. There he learned many building skills and became a much respected tradesman with his quality of workmanship. This also lead to opportunities to learn associated skills within the industry like structural building repairs, concreting and tiling etc.

From there Todd ventured into the civil field, in particular trenchless technology, where he has specialised for over 20 years. Todd has earned himself a reputation as a highly experienced contractor in this field with his vast knowledge of trenchless technology and techniques. Previously Todd has worked as a project manager overseeing major projects for a leading trenchless technology


Projects Todd has constructed or been involved with:

• water and sewer main rehabilitation
• pipe laying
• sports field drainage and construction
• structural building repairs and more

Todd also respects the value of his clients and endeavours to build professional and enjoyable working relationships with them. He also realises the importance of the needs of the community and takes them into consideration, by reducing the impact of the projects on the community and the environment.


Contractor License: 25196C
Asbestos Removal License: AD211868
Certifications: ISO 9001-2008, NSW WHS Cert. NSW EMS Cert.